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Guadalupe River Flood Control - San Josť, CA

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This flood control channel extends through downtown San Jose. Hydraulic analyses accounted for combined urban park elements and split of peak 14,600 cfs flow between an open channel and box culvert. The design incorporated a low flow channel for fish passage.

Riverbank stabilization was given special consideration using a various techniques, including gabion baskets and drilled pier retaining walls up to 20 feet high.

Adjacent existing freeway structures also needed special consideration in order to maintain foundation support for those Caltrans structures.

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Town-Wide Storm Drainage Master Plan and Flood Control Study - Town of Corte Madera, CA

A-N West provided civil engineering for a study which included hydrologic and hydraulic calculations and a report analyzing 10 major watersheds covering 1,800 acres and developed a recommended system of improvements for protection against tidal inundation and interior ponding and flooding.

We prepared preliminary designs, plans, and cost estimates for 4 miles of floodwalls and levees, and storm drainage system improvements, including new pumping stations.

Subsequently, we prepared construction documents for projects that included pump stations, pipelines, structures, and curb and gutter grated line drains. 

Rincon Pump Station - San Josť, CA

A-N West was lead consultant for the design and preparation of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and landscaping PS&E for the Rincon Pump Station for the City of San Jose.

The pump station contains five 54,000 gpm main pumping units and medium and low voltage switchgear, motor control center, and automatic pump controls.

Site improvements for the pump station included grading, paving, drainage, fencing, lighting, planting and irrigation, and masonry walls.

Rincon Storm System Improvements - San Josť, CA

A-N West was lead consultant for the design and preparation of PS&E for the Rincon Storm System Improvements along Trimble Road in the City of San Jose. The work included installation of 108-inch and 96-inch diameter reinforced concrete storm drainage pipe, junction and weir structures, and sanitary sewer siphons. The project included boring and jacking a portion of the 96-inch diameter pipe under the VTA Light Rail Transit Tracks at the North 1st Street/Trimble Road intersection.

Route 85/17 Interchange Pump Station

As part of the Route 85/17 Interchange project for the Santa Clara County Traffic Authority, A-N West designed a stormwater pump station with an installed capacity of 350 HP, discharging up to 20,500 gallons per minute.

High Canal Pump Station

A-N West designed a stormwater pump station located at end of High Canal at Lucky Drive.  The station was designed to discharge 83,750 gpm using four submersible electrically-driven propeller pumps.  We developed the hydrology and storm water flows for approximately 600 acres of tributary watersheds and conducted backwater analysis to verify upstream flood protection.

Lucky Drive Flood Control/Drainage Project/Pump Stations

Designed approximately 2,500 linear feet of earth levee and masonry flood wall, two stormwater pump stations, automatic tide gate and structure, stand-by generator with building, and improvements of existing drainage system.  Additional work included preparation of hydrology study and quantity/cost estimates.

San Clemente Creek Pump Station

Designed a 69,000-gpm stormwater pump station, approximately 800 linear feet of 54-inch diameter discharge pipe, dissipator structure, automatic tide gate and structure, and stand-by generator and building.  Additional work included preparation of hydrology study and quantity/cost estimate.

Lakeshore and Grand Avenue Watershed Studies - Oakland, CA

This project concentrated on the 1190-acre Lakeshore Avenue watershed and the 710-acre Grand Avenue watershed, which both drain into the north end of Lake Merritt.  The project's goals were to study the watershed area and the capacity of Lake Merritt and to recommend system improvements to reduce frequency of flooding during periods of high flow.  (Alameda County Public Works Agency).

North Richmond Drainage Study - Richmond, CA

Conducted a drainage study of a 250-acre watershed, some of which was within the limits of the proposed drainage study in the City of San Pablo. Services included site surveys, hydrology, evaluation of system improvements, preliminary system layouts, and preliminary cost estimates.

Rheem Creek Civil Plans and Improvements - Richmond, CA

Prepared technical civil specifications for Rheem Creek improvements from Giant Road to UPPR crossing. Plans included creek plan, profiles, and typical creek sections and details. Prepared hydraulic calculations using HEC-HMS for existing and proposed improvement plans.

Storm Drain Master Plan For SNI Areas - San Josť, CA

Conducted a study of 19 Strong Neighborhood Initiative (SNI) areas to determine the adequacy of the existing storm drain facilities to convey the 10-year storm event and recommended various means of funding this long-range program for the City's budgetary planning process.

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